�These are keywords from this Belgian metalband who will take no less by leaving another hole in your eardrums. As they sure will blow you away with their live sound! Powerstroke started in January 2008 with the intention of making groovy metal. And so they did! Something that would stick in your ear and remain there for time to come. Along the way, the more gigs they played, the more heavier their sound got. Building up a solid live reputation and stand out with pounding drums, catchy riffs and roaring unique voice. Their music contains influences of rock, metal, stoner, punk, hardcore,� all blended in one hell of a cocktail. So go check them out when they play in your neighborhood. Keep on strokin� the power!�

Done Deal
03 June 2016

01. Blood Oasis
02. Blessing in Disguise
03. Walk the Talk
04. Hold on
05. Call it a Day
06. Your Funeral, No Trial
07. Judge Rules no Violation
08. Poetry to a Pig
09. Done Deal
10. Last in Line 

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