Blackest Sunset

Brutal cynicism with wide-eyed belief on the collapse of reality. Nihilistic contemplation of social despair. Crude and hopeless testimony of self-destructive human behavior. "Blackest Sunset" is here to deliver us a non-religious, non-political or ideological point of view on the existence for what it truly is. Enter a world without light where the sunsets are coal-black, and hear the deep voices coming from the "kingdom of sorrow".

Blackest Sunset  is : 

Thibault Brassart - Vocals
Maxime Willieme - Guitar
Julien Bertrand - Bass
Alexandre Malachenko - Guitar
Maxim Durieux - Drums



Kingdom of Sorrow
01 April 2017

27 January 2017Canal 10   (Hautrage, Belgium)Voir le détail