Beyond the Labyrinth

Beyond The Labyrinth (BTL)(est. 1996) is not a newcomer in the world of melodic hard rock : 3 full albums, a series of iTunes singles and vide clips, shows with household names like Y&T, Uriah Heep, Threshold, Pagan's Mind AND a spot on stage in London as a world finalist for the Global Battle Of The Bands contest.

Musically, BTL choose a mix and match approach of the different subgenres within the style : sometimes a bit heavier, sometimes with the addition of a symphonic, gothic or even progressive touch, sometimes slightly poppier, but always maintaining the focus on song and melody.

"The Art Of Resilience", the 4th BTL album, is about picking yourself up and moving on when things get rough and, in the case of BTL : Asking our friends from all over the world to help us finish and release the album - Over 20 guests from all over the world have contributed, making it an extremely varied and entertaining album ! 

The Art of Resilience
17 March 2017

Geert Fieuw - Guitar, Song Writing, Orchestration and Additional Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Michel Lodder - Drums and Percussion

Sjoerd Bruyneel - Keyboards, Song Writing, Backing Vocals

Dominic Heynderickx - Bass

with a little help from our friends

Josey Hindrix - Wizz Beauprez - Geert Annys - Erwin Suetens - Louise Fieuw –

Oliver Wright - Tara Lynch - Colin Flynn - Nox String Quartet - Geoffrey Tarallo –

Tony Carlino - Chitral Somapala - David Reed Watson - Bob Goo - Tommi Manninen

- Elena Fieuw - Filip “Flype” Lemmens - Dushan Petrossi - John Ferreira - Brian Copp

The Art Of Resilience is produced by Geert Fieuw and Beyond The Labyrinth, and mixed and mastered by Marc De Keyzer @ Atomika Studios