Age of Torment

Age of Torment is a modern metal band, who saw the daylight in early 2009, formed by Shaun Van Calster (LENGTH OF TIME / RESISTANCE / ex-BLOODSHOT ), on lead guitars & vocals.

Around october 2009 AOT jumped into the studio with Phorgath (Enthroned) @ Blackout Multimedia studio in Brussels, to record the first concept full-length, "Dying Breed Reborn". On this record several guests such as Miqe (In-Quest) & Ross (Length of Time, Angel Crew) added their flavour to the music.

The band signed on ULTIMHATE RECORDS in early 2010, for the first release, available wordwide on may 21st 2010. The first effort has been received very warmly on own soil and all over Europe comparing the band to bands such as Channel Zero & Spoil Enigne.

In 2013 the band jumped into the Noise Factory studio together with Nico Lomartire to record the second full length album “I, Against” released by Spinal records in BENELUX and Wormholedeath for the rest of Europe.

After numerous shows and a whole lot of positive feedback in the press, A.O.T. keeps on touring to promote the latest album during 2013-2014. As we speak the band is working on new material to release a third album in 2015 with a new beater behind the drums Charles D.

Prepare for negative mayhem like you’ve never heard before. A.O.T. angrier, darker and stronger than ever before.

I, Against
20 October 2013

1. Silencio
2. When I Tear Down the Walls
3. Even If I Die
4. Native
5. Interlude 2.1
6. My Own Disease
7. Your Skin Will Burn
8. I, Against
9. Interlude 2.2
10. By My Own Hand
11. Witness the End
12. Il N'y A Pas d'Orchestre
13. Liberate Tuteme Ex Inferis
14. Salvation

25 July 2014Le Viziteur   (Lille, BE)Voir le détail
31 July 2014Thirsty Four   (Charleroi, BE)Voir le détail
01 August 2014Vitamine Z   (Wavre, BE)Voir le détail
10 October 2014Rock Classic   (Brussels, BE)Voir le détail
11 October 2014Taverne du Théâtre   (La Louvière, BE)Voir le détail
17 October 2014Verlichte Geest   (Roeselare, BE)Voir le détail
18 October 20146K Fest   (Liège, BE)Voir le détail
27 February 2015Norrebro   (Copenhagen, DK)Voir le détail
04 April 2015De Kerk   (Gent, BE)Voir le détail
10 May 2015Trix   (Antwerp, BE)Voir le détail
10 October 2015Elpee   (Deinze, BE)Voir le détail
17 October 2015Rock n Oldies   (Bastogne, BE)Voir le détail
31 October 2015Garcia Lorca   (Brussels, BE)Voir le détail
14 November 2015Spinal Fest   (Houdaing, BE)Voir le détail
30 January 2016Pub du Manoir   (Saint-Maurice, CH)Voir le détail
11 March 2016Pub du Manoir   (St Maurice, CH)Voir le détail